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Earlier this month, Joe Biden reversed his long-held support for an abortion measure amid sharp backlash from his Democratic rivals. His switch on the Hyde amendment, which prohibits federal funding for most abortion, came just a day after he affirmed his support for the measure. The Trump administration has targeted Planned Parenthood, which provides reproductive health care to 2.

The abortion debate: can this chronic public illness be cured?

In this climate, Robinson said rhetorical support for abortion rights is not enough. Several candidates have vowed to codify Roe, abolish the Hyde amendment, restore funding to Planned Parenthood and only appoint supreme court justices who would protect reproductive rights.

Liberal Politics U. Linda Lowen, a former radio and television broadcast journalist, has won national awards for her coverage of women's issues. Since life begins at conception, abortion is akin to murder as it is the act of taking human life.

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Abortion is in direct defiance of the commonly accepted idea of the sanctity of human life No civilized society permits one human to intentionally harm or take the life of another human without punishment, and abortion is no different. Adoption is a viable alternative to abortion and accomplishes the same result. And with 1.

An abortion can result in medical complications later in life; the risk of ectopic pregnancies doubles and the chance of a miscarriage and pelvic inflammatory disease also increases. In the instance of rape and incest, proper medical care can ensure that a woman will not get pregnant.

America’s legal experts believe we’ve got the abortion debate all wrong

Abortion punishes the unborn child who committed no crime; instead, it is the perpetrator who should be punished. Abortion should not be used as another form of contraception. For women who demand complete control of their body, control should include preventing the risk of unwanted pregnancy through the responsible use of contraception or, if that is not possible, through abstinence.

Many Americans who pay taxes are opposed to abortion, therefore it's morally wrong to use tax dollars to fund abortion.

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Those who choose abortions are often minors or young women with insufficient life experience to understand fully what they are doing. Many have lifelong regrets afterward. Abortion frequently causes intense psychological pain and stress.

The Abortion Debate: Mother's Choice vs Life Of Foetus

A woman with financial means, for instance, will be able to afford high-quality reproductive care and its connected costs, like traveling to a provider or paying for the procedure. Women of poorer backgrounds are more likely to seek abortions—not just in the United States, but globally: socioeconomic concerns are among the top reasons to end a pregnancy.

Further, being denied access to abortions has long-lasting financial consequences , and is linked to higher poverty levels and a lack of job security. Overwhelmingly, these issues tend to affect women of color—making abortion access a matter of racial equality, too. This idea that the issue is about equality rather than privacy or autonomy has recently found its way into mainstream discussion, thanks to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.